Hand Crafted Furniture Exhibition (LOOK Optical)

//Hand Crafted Furniture Exhibition (LOOK Optical)
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“The history, traditions, and skills of melding disciplines influence my vision and inform my unique approach to furniture.

Working independently, and with a true love of labor, I have been developing my visual concepts into completed pieces through a process of sketching, writing, large drawings, model making, and mock ups. What comes of this is finely crafted furniture with a strong emphasis on form, surface, and content that is distinctive and not derivative of other styles and makers.

To further enhance my individual approach, I incise carve markings that are intuitive hieroglyphs, intended to evoke personal interpretations from each viewer; they are a response to the inundation of images from out visually sophisticated world. Symbols from symbols.

It is my intent that through my process of exploration and personalization, a fresh perspective will result that reveals my unique creative visions and my passion for the medium of furniture.”

~ Mark Del Guidice