Opening Reception: InspirationAnaol (Gallery Seven)

//Opening Reception: InspirationAnaol (Gallery Seven)
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 April 11th – May 20th (Reception Saturday, April 22 from 7-9 p.m.)

“InspirationAnaol” is an exhibition consisting of a select number of photographs documenting the journey of two artists: photographer Bruce David Millet and performance artist “Anaol”. Throughout their 6 year collaboration they have grown and inspired each other and Millet has produced thousands of images.

~ Gallery Seven

“In 2011 while I was working on a documentary about makeup and costuming and how important it was in many people’s lives, I met a tall handsome androgynous young man with a pink Mohawk.  I immediately thought of a young David Bowie. As I interviewed Ryan I realized he was a creative walking work of art.  I asked Ryan if he had ever thought about doing drag. He said he didn’t have any idea where or how to do drag. I told him neither did I, but thought that he was born to do it.  Shortly thereafter we met for a photo shoot. I gave him a wig I had from working as an actor in a haunted house.  He put it on with some lipstick and makeup and a star was born  He looked like a Barbie doll. It didn’t take long after that, Ryan got a gig doing drag at a local bar and the photos I took of him were a hit on social media.

So here we were, two artists helping each other do better and more creative art.  I was giving him rides to his shows and supporting him. He was asking me to do lots of photo shoots as his drag improved and he changed his looks constantly.  We both learned a lot about the drag lifestyle and my photography got better.  I had always loved art and had dabbled in acting, filmmaking and photography. But now I was focused on my photography and really doing it.

The exhibition of my work of Anaol, Ryan’s chosen drag name pronounced “Annool”, is titled “InspirationAnaol” because it’s about two artists who inspire each other to be more creative and hone their craft. It’s also about respecting differences in all people in all walks of life.  But more importantly my photos of Anaol are about a friendship between two artists”.

~ Bruce David Millet